The next Einstein or Beethoven is not important at all if there aren’t other human beings. We praise so-called great people like them so much because they are much better than average people. Every human being’s greatness can be calculated by comparing him/her with an average person, so it’s all related.

If there is no other human being on earth but only Einstein exists. He is nothing special. He will commit suicide as he will have nobody to guide him at all.

Imagine that you have all the money that is there in the world but you don’t have a companion for yourself, you will hate your life but if you have the money required to live your life and have a new female in your arms each night, you will never want to die and one of the biggest secrets to longevity is being happy.

Just be happy and that’s all. Do not compete for paper money with each other, enjoy your life, and make love not war.

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