We are not only the first but the only female escort service agency in all of Goa to accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. The idea came to us after the so-called demonetization took place on the 8th of November in India.

We are not proud but embarrassed to tell that several escort agencies in Goa that served both Indian and Foreign nationals all across North and South Goa for incall and outcall services have lost their charm over time and we happen to be the only escort service agency in Goa to have retained ours.

We have in-call services available in both North and South Goa. In both the regions we offer in-call services at 4 star resorts that are extremely popular and second to none in terms of service and courtesy.

Unlike others, we are very cautious that our in-call venues are not located at areas where there is a lot of noise. We are proud to say that perhaps we have the best in-call escort service arrangement in all of Goa. Perhaps, we are also the most recommended escort service in all of Goa.

We also serve couples and for the couples we have a different in-call arrangement in both North and South Goa. We have an ample parking space available with valet facility as well for our in-call facilities for the couples.

Many of the clients that came to us in a sudden twist have become some of our most regular clients in a very dramatic way. We are also known for our speed and efficiency and that definitely played a great part in making these clients some of our most regular ones.

Some of our Indian female escorts are epitomes of brilliance. One of our Indian escorts is a state level chess champion and we are extremely proud of her.

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