Although the Calangute Escort Industry is full of the competitors who try their best when it comes to leg-pulling of everyone else involved in the Calangute Escort scene, they could never do any harm to the reputation that our agency has built in the industry.

We completely disagree with those who claim that having Russian Blondes as Escorts for an Escort Agency like ours is playing against the ‘Made in India’ movement started by the Prime Minister of this country. We are still as proud of our Russian Blonde Escorts in Goa as we were before the ‘Made in India’ movement was started by the Prime Minister of the country.

We are as proud of our Russian Blondes who are well-versed in the art of massage as we are of those who aren’t. Our Russian Blondes in Calangute who don’t come into the expert category when it comes to massage are expert at oral and can teach even those who boast of having marvelous oral skills as to how to perform some “real” oral.

You will never find our agency writing fake feedback from fake users who do not even exist. We try our best to be fake-free and word on the street is that we are 100% authentic.

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